Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Layout

Hello again, I'm not in Malawi yet.

Sorry to confuse anyone, I'm copying Chris Hulette's blog and using his format... so sue me (<< obscure Office reference).

Also, if you happen to miss any posts and you are just itching to go back and read them, you can navigate your way back with the "archives" section over on the sidebar. E-mail me f you have any problems.


1 comment:

Valerie Rose said...

haha, ohhh Kevin you have no idea how happy your comment made me! :) What a day brightener! Ngiyabonga!! :)

Actually, what's funny about all of this is that when I assumed I would be going to Sub-Saharan Africa, my top choice would have been Malawi. I am emitting waves of jealousy in your direction! :)

Based on your previous post I think today is probably the day your scheduled to arrive--I wish you an AMAZING 27 months!! I will probably be checking in on your blog periodically as I'm going stir crazy waiting for September and find reading other PC blogs helps, plus I think you have a lot of quality things to say. :)

In the meantime, ENJOY your experience and, as always, hamba kahle!

Peace and respect,